Human beings are social animals. Our ability to collaborate and work with each other has helped us create this fantastic world. And, at the same time, the fact is - each human is different - their strengths, preferences, and styles are different. Modern workplaces do an extremely poor job at letting people retain their individuality, yet help people work with everyone well. Reason - because we don’t talk about these preferences at all.

Founders and leaders spend numerous hours defining organisation culture, and devising mechanism so that it is maintained. There are also people managers who try to provide conducive environment to help each individual succeed. However, it is evident that we need more.

We need leaders to

We need everyone in an organisation (including leaders) to

And in today’s remote world, when we are not able to meet physically and observe each other - this becomes more important than before.

Humangous is a platform using which you can create public and/or private guides explaining what is like to work with you, your values, your strengths and weaknesses.