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What does a guide to yourself mean?

Simply put, it is a document which talks about your workstyle and your preferences. In this document, you write about your values, strength, likes, dislikes, expectations from others and growth areas. By sharing this document with others, you enable them to work with you efficiently.
The concept of writing a guide about yourself was first introduced by Ben Dattner in 2008  and popularized by New York Times writer Adam Bryant.  Since then a lot of leaders have adopted this idea.
Claire Hughes Johnson, COO Stripe talked about the importance of it in High Growth Handbook.  Here is her guide.

Why do you need a guide about yourself?

As a leader, you know the value of setting clear expectations. Similarly, by critically thinking and clearly communicating your operating principles and preferences, you can better optimize your schedule and choices to do your best work.


By documenting your operating philosophy clearly, you help your team know you better and work accordingly.


You set clear expectations with direct reportees. You also clarify what you value in others and what makes you grow trust in people.


You simplify the onboarding process. New people in the team quickly learn, and adapt their behaviour to follow your structure.


Your public guide can help you attract and hire best folks who also resonate with your operating philosophy.


By being transparent about your pet-peeves, quirks and growth areas, you also develop stronger relationships with your team.

How can Humangous help?

Humangous is Linkedin for Humans. It helps you build your brand, improve employee engagement and hire great folks.


It is extremely easy to create your guide, you just need to answer a few questions.


Rich text editor lets you attach images, documents or any additioal reading material.


Public guides have a handy link to help you share to potential hires or on social media.


Private guides contain a few extra questions to help you communicate your work prefrences in detail.


All private guides have a secret link to help you share safely. You can also choose to disable copying and printing.


You can explore public guides written by other leaders on the platform, you can favourite them or share with others.

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